Published translations and adaptations

1974 articles for Grove's Dictionary of Music

1980 revised book translation, Goldmann's How to Win Customers

Since 1987 an increasing number of legal translations into English, at first mainly for law firms in Frankfurt, for the International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law; sworn translations of documents for German courts and foreign courts and other official bodies (these form a very small percentage of my work: still registered with Bavarian courts as a sworn translator at UK address). Translator for Sweet and Maxwell (UK law publisher), Bundesverfassungsgericht, Bundestag, Ethikrat, briefly for CJEU, Bundesumweltministerium. General terms of business, employment contracts, details of German tax law and software contracts for local companies, some law-firm websites, animal rights (humane slaughter).

For the Deutscher Ethikrat:

Human biobanks for research 2010

Dementia and self-determination 2013

The future of genetic diagnosis - from research to clinical practice 2013

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis 2012

For the German Federal Constitutional Court

Some entries in the following volumes:

Decisions of the Bundesverfassungsgericht - Federal Constitutional Court - Federal Republic of Germany

vol. 4 The law of Freedom of Faith and the Law of the Churches 1960-2003 Karlsruhe 2007

vol. 3 questions of Law Arising from German Unification 1973-2004 Karlsruhe 2005

vol. 5 Family-Related Decisions 1957-2010 Karlsruhe 2013

and many other translations published online at

For Schnell & Steiner Verlag

Burgen Schlösser und Wehrbauten in Mitteleuropa

vol. 1 Nuremberg Imperial Palace

vol. 4 The Wartburg, World's heritage (Welterbe Wartburg)

vol. 18 The Golden Roof in Innsbruck (Das Goldene Dachl)

Die Kunstsammlung der Wartburg

Lothar Altmann: The Maximilianeum in Munich, 1993

Rosen-Sammlung zu Wilhelmshöhe, 2001

Stefan Brenske: Ikonen und die Moderne/Icons and Modern Art, 2005

For Schnell & Steiner Verlag Regensburg, and Deutscher Kunstverlag, Munich

over 60 guides to churches and castles: St. Lawrence Nuremberg, Die Wies, Worms Cathedral, Kloster Volkenroda, St Stephensmünster Breisach, Die bayerische Staatskanzlei, Das Augsburger Rathaus, Stiftskirche Baden-Baden, Wasserburg Anholt, Wartburg, Marienkirche Torgau, Former Benedictine Abbey of Seligenstadt, St Peter's Cathedral Schleswig, Wallfahrtskirche Rosenthal, Magdeburg Cathedral, Bremen Cathedral, Corvey, Frauenkirche Dresden, Schloss Homburg vor der Höhe: English Wing Elizabeth Wing, The Monastery Ruin in Bad Hersfeld, Baptistry, Duomo and Campanile Florence, Monastic Medicine: Lorsch and Seligenstadt, Schloss Altenburg, Schloss Ambras, Pilgrimage Church Andechs, Arlesheim Cathedral, Kloster Eberbach, Wallfahrtskirche Engelberg ob dem Main, Einhard Basilika in Mihcelstadt Steinbach, St. Michaelis, Hamburg, Predigkerkirche zu Erfurt, Former Cistercian Abbey Church Fürstenfeld, Würzburg Neumünster, Würzburg Cathedral, Münster St. Lamberti, Münzenberg Castle Ruin, Schloss Neuenburg, Kloster Neuzelle, Wallfahrtskirche Rosenthal, Rottenbuch, Schloss Schwerin, Tabgha am See Genesareth, Minderbroederskerk en -klooster Sint-Truiden, Speyer Cathedral, Former Benedictine Monastery and Kreuzbergkapelle Wessobrunn, Wessobrunn, Mainz Cathedral, Das Maximilianeum in Munich, Frauenkirche Munich, Meissen Cathedral, St. Michael Bernkastel-Kues, Ulm Minster, Katakomben im Wiener Stephansdom, Evangelisch-Lutherische St. Jakobikirche Göttingen, Kalkriese - Ort der Varusschlacht? Schloss Heiligenberg, Hildesheim Cathedral, Schloss Homburg vor der Höhe, Nikolaikirche Leipzig, Schloss Leitheim, Rathaus zu Lübeck, Marburg University Musesum of Cultural History, Maria Regina Martyrum Berlin-Charlottenburg, Abteikirche Maria Laach

For Deutscher Kunstverlag:

Kai Kappel, Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. Religious memorials. Deutscher Kunstverlag 2010

For Dietrich Reimer Verlag

Architectural Guide to Hannover 2000

Architectural Guide to Kassel 2002.